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News 2008



We are planning a very interesting combination for the beginning of the year 2009


You are invited to visit Ruthless MAC - NELI :)


Foto Neli - Ruthless Mac



30-31.08 International Dod Show in Debrecen


Saturday 30.08 - BOJAR Acceptarius - excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

Sunday 31.08 - BOJAR Acceptarius - excelent 1,CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!



IntCh,Pl.Ch,Cz Ch,Jr.Pl.Ch,Jr.Pl.Winner'05 BOJAR Acceptarius

International Dog Show in Sopot


BOJAR Acceptarius - excellent 1, CWC


National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz


BOJAR Acceptarius - excellent 1, CWC,NDPwR,BOB, BIS III - Best Working Dog

26.04.2008 International Dog Show In Opole
Winnie z Lovparku - excellent 1/2, CAC, BOS, CACIB This way our 23-month -old lady became the Polish Champion!!!

Judg: Jaroslav Matyas, Eva Madziova, champion Winnie :)

Foto: E. Madziova

Bojar Acceptarius - Champion Czech

17.02.2008 National Dog Show in Toruń.

Judge: Jenny Miller from England (Feorlig kennel).

Dżamal - Pl.Ch.,Cz Ch Jr.Pl.Ch,Jr.Pl.Winner'05 BOJAR Acceptarius - champion cl.-excellent 1/2,CWC.
Winie - Jr.Pl.Ch.Winnie z Lovparku - open cl.- excellent 1, CWC

Pl.Ch., Cz Ch Jr.Pl.Ch,Jr.Pl.Winner'05 BOJAR Acceptarius

12.01.2008 National Show in Olomouc (Czechy)

Dżamal - Pl.Ch., Jr.Pl.Ch,Jr.Pl.Winner'05 BOJAR Acceptarius - champion cl.-excellent 1/2,CAC, Czech Republic Champion


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